Old Land Dispute

Stories from Town Hall – Posted: Saturday, November 22, 2008

In a tale as old as history, a modern-day land use war has at last come to an end.

Verdigris residents who won two out of three previous battles in a year-long zoning dispute lost the war Thursday night at the Verdigris Town Council meeting.

In what one observer called a gutsy move, town Trustees Keith Crawford, Kalli Clark and Rusty Magiera stared into the face of opposition and voted according to town ordinances and the comprehensive plan in approving the request for a change of zoning.

At dispute was a request for rezoning by landowner Brent Bushyhead.

Bushyhead requested rezoning on 17.43 acres from agricultural to RS-10 (residential) and on a 7.58 acre strip along SH 266 from agricultural to C-4 (high-density commercial).

The property lies along the west side of McGuire Road and the north side of SH 266. Property on the south side of SH 266 is zoned industrial.

Bushyhead has maintained that he is a car hobbiest who hopes to open a small car lot on the property as a means of earning extra money to pay for his children’s college education. He said he will build homes for family members on the residentially zoned property.

Trustees listened to all who wanted to speak, but Crawford made it clear that Bushyhead’s intentions for the rezoning were not under consideration.

What would be considered was whether the rezoning request was within the guidelines set forth through the town’s ordinances and the comprehensive plan. Crawford stated that landowners have the right to do what they want with property as long as it falls within those guidelines.

Town trustees told concerned citizens that signage ordinances would not allow for a billboard to advertise the car lot.