Planning a Major Garage Transformation


One of the most commonly encountered questions when thinking about converting your garage for a new use is the warmth of the floor. Whether you are choosing to convert your garage into a spacious home office or to convert it into a gym room, you have to take into consideration some improvements for your floor.

Since the garage has a concrete and un-insulated floor you should focus on making it warmer and more resilient. Furring up the floor with wood and plywood can accomplish both tasks. As a warning, you should use pressure-treated wood or protect the wood which is in contact with the concrete by placing a layer of felt paper between the wood and the concrete.

First of all measure and determine how much you want to raise the floor. All garage floors have some amount of slope from the back wall to the wall with the garage door in it to allow the water runoff. To achieve a level floor you will have to adjust the joists, for this if you are placing the joists perpendicular to the slope in the floor each of them would have to be ripped down or shimmed up and if the joists are parallel to the slope, you can rip them on a taper or use shims to level them.

Now that you have finished remodeling the floors, it’€™s time to examine your walls. You might be surprised to find out that your walls are not even with the foundation they sit on. They may be set back from the foundation or maybe overhang it in other areas. Only one step will solve these problems: selecting a lumber size that is deep enough to extend the framing past the concrete. By notching each end of the furring strip and attaching one strip to the face of each wall stud will result in an even wall that completely hides the foundation. Also it will be deep enough for the R-21 wall insulation, this type of insulation being the most common code requirement.

When remodeling the walls and the floor several obstructions may appear. Obstructions like pipes, ducts, wires and other impediments to smooth walls may exist. For small obstructions such as wires or small pipes you could adjust the furring strips enough to accommodate them. The solution for larger obstructions is to box around them. If the obstruction is a water heater or something that you will need access to, you can frame it in and enclose it on three sides and then provide a removable access panel for the fourth side.

A building permit may be required for a garage make over. Of course all the methods presented here are purely theoretical and only for guidance. All garages are different and some adjustments to the used methods or materials may be required in order to accommodate to your garage.

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Eight Reasons To Consider a Home Renovation

Is your family nagging you to move them to a new home? Are they fed up by the aging house? You can make them feel contented by not shifting to a new place but simply by renovating the very house they are complaining about. This of course will be cheaper than buying another house.

When contemplating home renovations in Vancouver it can depend on a variety of factors ranging from your needs of being the homeowner, to whether you can fully satisfy those needs depending on your budget. Home renovations can be rather simple like replacing curtains in the sitting room to rather complex renovations like removing walls and building a new room.



Renovations can add so much value to your home. Here are a few tips for that perfect home renovation project:

Research- When setting up plans for a home renovation, do enough research and get a good idea of your desires from the renovation you are about to do. Look into design magazines and or books, go to the internet, and even seek some of your friends’ recommendations, particularly those who have renovation experiences.

Budget- Planning for the renovation budget is a key factor for your success. Lack of enough cash to do your job is a very common mistake encountered during home renovations. There might be that risk of not completing your project or buying low quality renovation materials. Materials of good and high quality are important because of their durability.

Seek professional services- You will want a professional to do the job for you. Hiring the right professional contractor is very useful. Get several recommendations and make a selection from the list you will have acquired by interviewing them. The contractor should preferably have experience for several years.

Have a contract- The moment you find the expert who fulfills your needs, sign a contract with them. The contract will show and list your expectations. Also make sure that your contractor has proper approval and is licensed before they do any job for you.

Take safety as well as health precautions- Many home owners do not take this issue seriously until when it is too late. These precautions are of much more importance if there are kids in your home. You can disengage those power items that are not being used and even put a barrier to the working site so as to avoid injuries.

Supervise- Allotting the whole job to the contractor is a mistake not to be done. Being the owner it is your job to preside over the whole renovating process. Ensure to make proper inspections before paying for the job done. Some contractors will demand for an initial deposit before starting on the job. Do not, however, give the contractor a huge chunk of the agreed home renovation cost as initial deposits because this will inspire him/her to do the job quickly.

Eleventh hour adjustments- last gasp changes to your earlier plans can at times be very expensive to you and time consuming. Trying to follow your earlier plans is very important, more so if you have time and budget constraints.

New Water Heater- Sometimes adding a new hot water tank Kelowna is a good thing to do. You can save money with a more efficient model and know it will be there for a few more years.

These tips can help you convert your home to a comfortable and a more loveable place to live in.

Is It Time For Home Renovation?

You can taste the tradition off this mean when you are cooking it in such a grill. If you do, you always want to know when and where your children come to school in the reconstruction field. This will ensure your new cabinets are a perfect fit.

With summer just around the corner, there is no better time than the present to think about purchasing a Barbecue Grill. They come in many sizes, styles and shapes; there is bound to be one that will appeal to you and suit your needs.

Whatever outdoor furniture design you want there’s probably a style for you. You could spend a lot of time lying on your outdoor chaise lounge. A relaxing swing could be the right piece to fit your needs. Outdoor furniture has expanded so much beyond wooden seats and tables. You can create an outdoor kitchen or living room with attractive outdoor furniture sets.

Now you need to find the plumber who is going to have the right prices to suit what you’re looking for. Try and find a plumber that will give an estimate at no charge. These guys will usually be genuine plumbers who just want some good, local business, which is what you want too. They won’t charge as much because they don’t have to travel as far, which is a bonus for you and a bonus for them.

If you are renovating a small room, replace carpeting with hard flooring, such as hardwood, laminate, or tile. Carpet in a small room will congest the visual field and make the room feel even smaller. The right arrangement of floor tiles or planks, conversely, can make the room feel larger.

Apart from that, an elegant charm, convenience as well as efficiency are among the reasons for choosing to do high-end cooking area renovation. In view of your home, the job does not end up until that time, the job will be finished. Undoubtedly, your job has simply begun. Although the best selections of devices, items and also products, as well as expert hands that have incorporated these with each other develop the consistent, tender loving care is still doing these points to achieve the lengthiest possible working life.

Step Three: Find the right brushes and get both large brushes for big areas and small or “trim” brushes for tighter spots, where kitchen cabinets meet the ceiling.

5) Create a home office. The number of Americans who work from home has surged by 41 percent in the past 10 years, meaning that home offices have greater appeal than ever. Home offices can be designated inexpensively with built-in bookshelves.

There is a chance that you could lose more money from a DIY renovation. This is because of the fact that contractors have discounts from those brands that provide materials for construction. For individuals planning to do their own kitchen renovations, it would really be ideal if you account the possible cost of the project.

In any renovation it’s important to have a budget. Work out how much you are willing to spend on your bathroom and stick to it! Here are some helpful hints.

These are only among the few essential in your kitchen ware which makes your cooking easier and exciting. You can always add any additional cooking ware or equipment according to your cooking requirement and of course your budget.

They much rather sell it to you for 20 or 30 times the price of materials as a luxury item. Make certain you know what you want to accomplish with the installation of your fire pit. High-gloss paint – People usually calls it “enamel”.

The trick is to work it out better and the best utilization of the existing space. In this article you will learn some modest ways to fix up your home, and add significant value in less than a day. In these meetings, kitchens are always a hot topic.

Hygiene and Allergens at Home

clean the heat ducts
Cleaning the Heat Vents

Duct systems require an professional cleaning every four or five years to keep dust and allergens from accumulating. This buildup blocks the flows in the channel system, which disrupts the correct flow of air. Cleansing firms in Sydney supply channel cleaning services, to name a few required cleaning company. It is feasible to obtain all kinds of services that you require around your home from a single business.

Advantages of Duct Channel Cleaning

There are numerous reasons duct cleansing is very important. With this sort of cleansing, the air distributing via the ductwork device is left clean and also free from the pollutants which might cause health problems. Carbon bits, dust and also pollen, which intensify health conditions such as bronchial asthma, are additionally eliminated.

Insects such as fleas, dust mites, carpet beetles and crawlers are removed, along with their eggs. Little pets which might have inadvertently gotten in the air duct device, such as rats, computer mice and birds, are also taken out.

Ductwork cleaning is useful as it avoids conditions as well as allergies that are caused by fungi, germs and molds. Odors and also smell are likewise removed, leaving the location free from the smoke which generally gathers as an outcome of food preparation or cigarette smoking.

By cleansing the ducts of your a/c and heater, you will certainly be enhancing their performance, making them more sturdy and enhancing their feature. Fires are additionally protected against because there is no threat of particles accumulating in the ducts, which would offer added energy to the flames in situation of fire. To protect your family against these threats have your heating ducts inspected regularly.

The Cleansing Process

The first step in channel cleansing includes cleansing the return channel system since this is where most of the dust collects. A brush is made use of to cleanse as well as clear the return ductwork.

The follower blades, motor and unit inside will then be cleaned with attention given to the indoor wall surfaces as well as networks to make sure that nothing is ignored.

The next action is to examine and tidy channel lines within the house. A powerful vacuum system may be had to dislodge the particles from the ducts using a channel ball device that is especially made for this function.

Finally, the duct device is disinfected extensively and also the operations inspected to guarantee that nothing performed in the cleaning procedure has actually disrupted the procedure of the air conditioning or home heating. The sanitizer is meant to repel breeding bacteria and also smells.

Furnace Efficiency

Another benefit of keeping the duct work clean is how efficient the furnace becomes. Removing the debris in the ducts allows air to move more efficiently, therefor easing the amount of energy required for the furnace to operate at full capacity. Another service we suggest is to have yo9ur furnace cleaned at the same time you get the ducts done. By doing so you will reduce your energy bills. If you live in BC then furnace repair Vancouver is the service you want to add to your duct cleaning work.